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Smoking Cessation information

Looking for a way to quit smoking? Here we reveal the best smoking cessation products, methods, tips which will lead to a smoke free life guaranteed.

Smoking Cessation Products

There are a couple of products out there to help you with the stop smoking process. Some are good, some are bad and we are here to focus on the "best products to stop smoking". Of course there are nicotine plasters and they can be good and are working for many, however our all time favourite is ZYBAN with active ingredient Bupropion. Zyban is used to relieve mental depression and is used as part of a support program to help you stop smoking. So a combination of both nicotine plasters and zyban plus our underlying smoking cessation tips are a good start.
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Smoking Cessation Methods

There are several proven methods to quit smoking, let's sum them up. Try nicotine replacement therapy, Ask your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy, Avoid triggers, Delay smoking, Chew on it in stead of smoking, don't have 'just one', Get physica, Practice relaxation and/or medication techniques and call for reinforcements when you need. Perhaps as discussed above, the best method is a combination or all including Zyban.

Smoking Cessation Tips

Many of the things to quit smoking are mentally, so it makes sense to start the smoking cessation when you are mentally strong, focussed and clear and don't have personal issues or business problems. Here are some more personals tips which are proven to work by millions of people around the world, so also for you!
Write down your goals in life, including stop smoking and WHY you do it. Read these goals 3x a day

1. Think positive
2. Make a plan to quit smoking
3. Consider your diet which supports your new healthy lifestyle
4. Change your drink, we all know that beer, wine and alcoholic drinks encourage smoking, so better to stop them for a while
5. Identify when you crave cigarettes and write this down, including your solution
6. Get some stop smoking support, can be from a friend or from an online portal. Best is Zyban as a medication.
7. Get moving, sports support a healthy lifestyle and will make you want to smoke less.
8. Make non-smoking friends, you don't want to be around with people with bad influence on your goals!
9. Try meditation, this will give you a better focus! 10. Stay positive, keep smiling, even though it is not easy. If down, think about the good for your health, the money you save and about your goals and dreams!
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